Klamydia (Finnish language for Chlamydia) is a punk rock band from Vaasa, Finland. The band's name was chosen because it was the worst name coming to their mind. The band was assembled in year 1988, and it has been continuously active since then.

Klamydia has always been renowned as a humour-band, but they have a lot of songs criticising society, and other songs about serious subjects, like incest as well as love songs.

Klamydia has also gained some popularity in Germany, where they have toured and released records.

Current line-up:
Vesa "Vesku" Jokinen (Vocals/Guitar) (1989-)
Riku Purtola (Drums) (1989-)
Jari "Jakke/"Shitsi" Helin (Guitar) (1991-)
Sami Kohtamäki (Bass) (2000-)

Former members:
Arto "Artsi" Laaksoharju (Bass) (1989-1991)
Toni "Kape" Pitkäsalo (Drums) (1989)
Marko "Vuokko" Vuorimaa (Guitar) (1990-1995)
Hannu "Hantta" Viinamäki (Bass) (1995-2000)

Klamydia Discography Tracks


Klamydia - Älpee album art Klamydia Älpee (Album) Free Animals Finland 1990 Sell This Version
Klamydia - Los Celibatos album art Klamydia Los Celibatos (Album) Stupido Records, Stupido Records Finland 1991 Sell This Version
Klamydia - Pää Kiinni Painajainen album art Klamydia Pää Kiinni Painajainen (Album) Kråklund Records Finland 1992 Sell This Version
Klamydia - Masturbaatio Ilman Käsiä album art Klamydia Masturbaatio Ilman Käsiä (Album) Kråklund Records Finland 1993 Sell This Version
Klamydia - Kötinää! album art Klamydia Kötinää! (Album) Kråklund Records Finland 1994 Sell This Version
Klamydia - Tippurikvartetti album art Klamydia Tippurikvartetti (Album) Kråklund Records Finland 1994 Sell This Version
Klamydia - Siittiöt Sotapolulla album art Klamydia Siittiöt Sotapolulla (Album) Kråklund Records Germany 1995 Sell This Version
TR 034-2 Klamydia - Live 23.9.1994 album art Klamydia Live 23.9.1994(LP, Album, Pic) Teenage Rebel Records TR 034-2 Germany 1995 Sell This Version
TR CD 034 Klamydia - Himmelachtungperkele album art Die Lokalmatadore And Klamydia Die Lokalmatadore And Klamydia - Himmelachtungperkele(2xCD, Album) Teenage Rebel Records TR CD 034 Germany 1995 Sell This Version
Klamydia - Kipsi. album art Lokalmatadore* & Klamydia Lokalmatadore* & Klamydia - Kipsi. (Album, EP) Teenage Rebel Records Germany 1996 Sell This Version
Klamydia - Klamysutra album art Klamydia Klamysutra (Album) Kråklund Records Germany 1996 Sell This Version
Klamydia - Tango Delirium album art Klamydia Tango Delirium (Album) Kråklund Records Finland 1997 Sell This Version
Klamydia - Zulupohjalta album art Klamydia Zulupohjalta (Album) Kråklund Records Finland 1999 Sell This Version
KRÅCD62 Klamydia - ...Ja Käsi Käy album art Klamydia ...Ja Käsi Käy(CD, Album) Kråklund Records KRÅCD62 Finland 1999 Sell This Version
KRÅCD81, kråcd81 Klamydia - Klamytapit album art Klamydia Klamytapit(2xCD, Album) Kråklund Records, Kråklund Records KRÅCD81, kråcd81 Finland 2001 Sell This Version
KRÅCD87 Klamydia - Punktsipum album art Klamydia Punktsipum(CD, Album, Copy Prot.) Kråklund Records KRÅCD87 Finland 2002 Sell This Version
KRÅCD101 Klamydia - Urpojugend Suami album art Klamydia Urpojugend Suami(CD, Album) Kråklund Records KRÅCD101 Finland 2004 Sell This Version
KRÅCD 109 Klamydia - Tyhmyyden Ylistys album art Klamydia Tyhmyyden Ylistys(CD, Album) Kråklund Records KRÅCD 109 Finland 2005 Sell This Version
Kråcd113 Klamydia - Klamydia album art Klamydia Klamydia(CD, Album) Kråklund Records Kråcd113 Finland 2007 Sell This Version
Klamydia - Rujoa Taidetta album art Klamydia Rujoa Taidetta (Album) Usvaputki Oy Finland 2009 Sell This Version
Klamydia - Loputon Luokkaretki album art Klamydia Loputon Luokkaretki (Album) Usvaputki Oy Finland 2011 Sell This Version
USVACD003 Klamydia - XXV album art Klamydia XXV(2xCD, Album, Sli) Usvaputki Oy USVACD003 Finland 2013 Sell This Version
004 Klamydia - Punksinfonia album art Klamydia & Vaasan Kaupunginorkesteri Klamydia & Vaasan Kaupunginorkesteri - Punksinfonia(CD, Album) Usvaputki Oy 004 Finland 2016 Sell This Version
USVACD-005 Klamydia - Antisupersankarit album art Klamydia Antisupersankarit(CD, Album) Usvaputki Oy USVACD-005 Finland 2016 Sell This Version
USVACD007 Klamydia - Aikuisilta Kielletty album art Klamydia Aikuisilta Kielletty(2xCD, Album, Sli) Usvaputki Oy USVACD007 Finland 2018 Sell This Version